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ChatClass Content - English

A⁠) 🏫 6º ano
B⁠) 🎒 7º ano
C⁠) 🧒 8º ano
D⁠) 📚 9º ano
E⁠) 🤓 Ensino médio

A⁠) 👩‍🏫 Criar nova turma

My classes: 4👩‍🏫
Spoken words: 

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Ewerton Batista

My students learned a lot. They improved their listening and speaking skills, and us teachers should be thankful that ChatClass is changing our vision of what school can be. 

Flavia Pinto

Young people today love using their phones. They use their phones for so many things, including for entertainment. So why not connect this entertainment with education? Phones can also be a tool for learning.

Rodrigo Silva

I have an average of 25 students doing activities practically every day. They keep asking for more activities, so I see this as something very positive for us.

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