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Encourage the practice of speaking with our activities and follow the evolution of your students.

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Your students train speaking with the ChatClass Robot, lose the shame of speaking and gain fluency in the language.

Congrats!🎉 You got 80% of the words right. I just couldn't hear you say: I will not.

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It's easy to use, fun and interactive.

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Thousands of activities available to practice the 4 skills.

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It's all through WhatsApp, the student doesn't need to download other apps.

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More than 1000 activities created by international experts.

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Use with other platforms like: Google Classroom, Google Forms, Telegram, Kahoot and more.

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Completely in accordance with the Common National Curriculum Base for elementary and high school students.


Activities developed in partnership with renowned players such as Nova Escola and FTD.

When you become a producer of ChatClass content, you can create activities for any subject with automatic correction.

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Ewerton Batista

The students learned a lot of English. Listening and speaking have improved and we teachers just have to thank ChatClass for changing our view of the school.

Flavia Pinto

Young people today love cell phones, use cell phones for various things and to have fun. So why not combine this fun with learning? The cell phone can also be a tool to learn

Rodrigo Silva

I have an average of 25 students doing activities almost every day. They charge for the activities so I see it as very positive for us.


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